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Animal Proof Trash Receptacle - Single

Animal Proof Trash Receptacle - Single
Food Storage Locker

Our bear/wildlife-resistant food storage lockers are offered in three sizes. All three sizes are welded to bases that stand 9” off the ground and can be anchored into an existing concrete pad. These food lockers and bases are professionally finished with an electrostatically applied, heat sealed epoxy powder coat that gives our products long lasting protection from the outdoor elements.

Key Features

  • Minimalist design is bear/wildlife-resistant and has no protruding edges or wide seams for claws to penetrate and pry open.
  • All three sizes feature a full-length water shield that helps keep the weather out and the contents of the lockers dry.
  • Doors and tops are reinforced with stiffeners to keep them from crushing.
  • Paddle-style latch handles are hidden under uniquely designed latch covers that prevent bears and other wildlife from unlatching the locker doors.

Locker Sizes

Small: 32”W x 32”H x 26”D (approx. 15 ½ cubic feet of space)
Large: 48”W x 32”H x 26”D (23 cubic feet of space) *Pictured above
Extra Large: 60”W x 32”H x 32”D (approx. 35 ½ cubic feet of space)