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Group Camp Grill (Flange Mount)

Group Camp Grill (Flange Mount)
Group Camp Grill (Direct Embedment)
  • VCE double size / group size grill for state parks
  • Made for direct implantment into the ground
  • Constructed from 7 gauge steel
  • 8 drain holes to prevent water collection
  • Overall dimensions 32.75 inches wide x 32.75 inches deep x 55 inches tall
  • Grill box is 32.75 inches x 32.75 inches x 8 inches tall
  • Two grates provide over 1,000 square inches of cooking area
  • Each cooking grate is independently adjustable from 2 inches above floor to 10.5 inches above box floor
  • Cooking grates are made from .5 inch stock
  • Box has theft resistant swivel base