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Large Bear Trap with Trailer

Large Bear Trap with Trailer
Small Bear Trap

Trap Door

This door can be set open using the trigger bar and counterweights or can be propped open securely with a built-in safety bar that allows for easy access to the inside of the trap. Once triggered, the trap door will swing down and latch closed. Our design features a single center paddle latch that acts as an an -bounce measure to keep the door shut as two 1/4" thick steel latches swing into place safely securing the door into its closed position. To add another level of security, two small lock plates are supplied to fit onto the trap door's latching mechanism for a pad lock to be applied. (Padlock(s) not included).

Trap Box

72”Wx 30”Hx 28”D Front & Trap Door: 26" W x 28"H 25” x 1/2” dia. vertical lock rod.


2” x 2” x 1/4” angle iron frame. Includes 28” diameter wheels, 1-7/8” ball coupler, front A-frame jack, rear and side lights, safety chains, and adjustable stabilizer legs. Conduit (3/4”) is mounted under the frame to hide/protect the wiring harness.